Some Reasons People Seek Counseling


  • Low energy? 

  • Dread getting out of bed?  Facing daily life?

  • Difficulty focusing?

  • Feeling Overwhelmed?  Anxious?

  • Sleep too much or can't sleep?

  • Lost interest in things you've enjoyed?

  • Take medication but still struggle? 


  • Stuck in the same patterns with no relief in sight?

  • Committed to your marriage but don’t know how to move forward?

  • Hurt?  Angry?  Frustrated?  Afraid?  Losing hope?

  • Tried many times to address issues  but can’t seem to agree  or stick to resolutions? 


  • Sad and grieving over the loss of a loved one?  Career?  Dream?Relationship? Child--before or after birth?  Other losses?

  • Suffering silently or alone?

  • Wondering if you are normal?  Or is the grief going on too long?

  • Experienced past losses or traumas

  • you can’t seem to get over? 

Divorce or separation

  • Experienced or are going through the breakup of a marriage or engagement?

  • Wonder how you’ll make it now?

  • Lost your ability to trust God, yourself or others in relationships?

  • Worry about effects on your children?

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