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Ann Bealke, LMHC

FL Lic # 15265

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

 Call 803-397-9397 for a Free 15-Minute Consultation


Call 803-397-9397 for a free 15-minute consultation.


Transformations Counseling Center offers counseling by a licensed mental health counselor at the very low rate of $50 per session,as compared to industry standards of $100-$150/session.  

For a quote regarding speaking or teaching please call 803-397-9397.

I do not file insurance claims and I do not accept insurance payments and here's why:

  1. Your treatment records are never submitted to your insurance company or your employer.  I maintain them in my office.  No one but you and I will see your records unless: (1) a judge signs a court order requiring me to provide the records, (2) your safety or the safety of others is involved, or (3) you sign a release.

  2. My goal is keep rates low, similar to insurance co-pays, in order to help people access counseling.

  3. This eliminates my overhead of financial and administrative management of insurance claims, which enables me to keep rates low.

  4. This also allows my clients and me to decide together what treatment is best and how long treatment should last. 

Transformations Counseling Center

Phone: 803-397-9397

PO Box 780511

Orlando, FL. 32827


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