Mental Health Counseling Interns 

We're putting our heads together to beat the NCMHCE!

Hosted by Ann Bealke, LMHC  803-397-9397

15% Discount on! will give our Workshop trainees 15% off each subscription or renewals! 

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Interns Study Group


Mental Health Counseling Interns

I provide A 4-hour workshop that prepares you

to pass the national exam!

The NCMCHE is not like any other test!

Studying for the NCMHCE?

Mental Health Counseling Interns, there's help available at this 4-hour workshop.  The workshop is scheduled from 8 a.m. to noon VIA ZOOM!


To pass this test you must understand how the test is designed. Come and learn how maximize points gained and minimize points lost.

Those who have taken this training are passing the exam on their first try (or next try if they've taken it before and failed)!


People from across the U.S. are attending this workshop and passing this exam!  

What's Covered?

Test design

How to maximizing your study time

How to maximizing points on your test

How to study the DSM5 and Assessments and not be overwhelmed

How to manage your anxiety and negative self-talk


You'll also learn how to prepare before you go to the exam test site and what to expect at the test facility.


Every trainee will receive 15% off, which we will use in the workshop, which can be used to purchase a subscription or to renew one.


We will work through a simulation together on site also!


All this for only $50!  

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For more information, contact Ann Bealke, LMHC