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Tutoring for the NCMHCE!
We're putting our heads together to beat the NCMHCE!

Ann Bealke, LMHC  803-397-9397

I am not paid by, nor do I receive any incentives from this company.

You'll receive the discount code when you attend a workshop.



Mental Health Counseling Interns

I provide individual tutoring via Zoom that prepares you

to pass the national exam!

The NCMCHE is not like any other test!

Studying for the NCMHCE?

Mental Health Counseling Interns, there's help available with individual tutoring!  

The interns I've tutored are passing the exam on their first try (or next try if they've taken it before).  I've even helped people pass the exam who have failed it multiple times!


I help interns from across the U.S., across cultures and ethnicities, across English as a Second Language (ESL), and interns with dyslexia or ADD/ADHD!

What's Covered?

Understanding the test design

How to get the most out of your study time

How to maximizing points on your test

How to study the DSM5 and Assessments and not be overwhelmed

How to manage your anxiety and negative self-talk


If you've never taken the NCMHCE you'll also learn how to prepare before you go to the exam test site and what to expect at the test facility.

I use to prepare interns for the test.  I will open up a simulation and we will work through it together on Zoom as I share my screen with you.  

I will ask you to talk me through your logic in understanding the simulations, selecting, or not selecting, each answer and I will show you how to improve your scores. 


I'll listen to you, discuss answers with you, and evaluate how you approach each answer.  I will identify where your decision making needs to be aligned with the way the test is designed.

I provide 90 minutes of individual tutoring, tailored just to your needs, for $150.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, contact Ann Bealke, LMHC at or text 803-397-9397.

You may also want to check out my 4-hour workshop page where you can see a more detailed list of what I provide.  Click here for schedule, information and registration details:   WORKSHOP FOR NCMHCE

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