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FL Lic # 15265


US Navy Veteran

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Ann Bealke, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  

Education and Specialized Training:

  • BA in counseling, Marshall University, Huntington, WV, 2000

  • MA in counseling, Columbia International University, Columbia, SC, 2011

  • Externship and Advanced Training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

  • Advanced training in Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy

  • Advanced Practitioner in Accelerated Resolution Therapy for trauma treatment


I use a relational approach to counseling.  I believe that the relationship between a counselor and a client is a place where mutual respect, compassion, and safety create a place for learning, starting over, being accepted and growing. Trust is the foundation of my relationship with every client.


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My experience includes work in several mental health settings including:

  • Multi-therapist counseling center

  • Domestic violence shelter

  • Army inpatient psychiatric unit

  • Outpatient clinic for children and adolescents

  • Private practices

  • Overseas and domestic missionary locations

I've been a keynote speaker at women’s conferences and marriage conferences.  I've trained church leaders and lay counselors, and I've designed and taught women’s Bible studies.  My husband and I host and lead pre-marriage and marriage community groups and marriage conferences.  Speaking and teaching topics frequently requested are marriage, sexual abuse, trauma, and PTSD.

I'm a US Navy veteran with 14 years active duty as a supply chief.  I was discharged after an injury aboard a submarine tender.  My husband and I have two adult daughters, a son-in-law, a granddaughter, and another grand child on the way.  

We enjoy time with friends and family, travel, especially exploring Florida on my husband's Harley, and we enjoying the great outdoors.  You can often find us hosting or attending game nights or checking out new restaurants.

Why I Became a Counselor

I became a counselor because I experienced clinical depression after a history of childhood abuse and neglect and also long term marriage and family problems.  In hopelessness and despair I sought help from a professional counselor.

What I experienced was a significant and lasting change in how I live my life.  These changes came through hard work, strong spiritual growth, maturity, and changes in how I viewed myself and interacted with others.  It was the best hard work I've ever done.


I realized I couldn't change or control others, but I could change and control my own behavior by gaining wisdom and understanding with help and guidance from a loving, accepting and compassionate professional counselor.  I am a healthier and more stable person as a result.


Through that process I returned to my faith in Jesus Christ.  Experiencing such growth with the help of a compassionate, skilled professional also made me realize I was not alone.  Help was available.  I also realized I wanted to walk with others as they go through difficult times as well. 

I was a caretaker of my late husband for 14 years.  After 28 years of marriage he passed away in 2009 from emphysema and cancer.  I remarried in 2011 and am blessed to live out our commitment to live a healthy, loving, and responsible life together.  So we wear our helmets when we ride his Harley!

Ann Bealke, LMHC

Columbia, SC  29229



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